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Puly Caff Plus NSF Cleaning Powder (900g)
Brush with Blond Bristles and Wooden Handle for Cleaning
EDO Black Barista Cloth with Spring Clip
Puly Milk Cleaning Liquid (1 Liter)
Puly Caff Cold Brew Cleaning Liquid (1 Liter)Puly Caff Cold Brew Cleaning Liquid (1 Liter)
Blind Filter Basket
Blind Filter Basket Sale priceQAR 66.00
Crema Pro Shower Cleaning Brush
Stainless Steel Rinser Tray 427x250mmStainless Steel Rinser Tray 427x250mm
EDO Orange Barista ClothEDO Orange Barista Cloth
EDO Orange Barista Cloth Sale priceQAR 39.00
EDO Bottomless Square Knock Box Chute
Crema Pro Big Barista Knockbox with Towel
Crema Pro Knock Box Gray
Crema Pro Knock Box Gray Sale priceQAR 264.00
Spout Cleaning Brush
Spout Cleaning Brush Sale priceQAR 17.00
Puly Green Coffee Grinder Cleaner Crystals (10 x 15g)
Puly Caff Green Grinder Hopper Spray (200ml)
Puly Caff Espresso Machine Cleaning System
Puly Caff Cleaning Tablets 0.5 grm (70 Tablets)
Puly Caff Brew Tabs (100 x 1g)
Puly Caff Brew Tabs (100 x 1g) Sale priceQAR 88.00
Pro-Fondi Electronic Filter Basket CleanerPro-Fondi Electronic Filter Basket Cleaner
Cup/Pitcher Rinser 165x160mm
Cup/Pitcher Rinser 165x160mm Sale priceQAR 825.00
Pallo Steamy Wanda – 7.25mm
Pallo Steamy Wanda – 7.25mm Sale priceQAR 61.00
Pallo Steamy Wanda – 6mm
Pallo Steamy Wanda – 6mm Sale priceQAR 61.00
Pallo Roasting Machine Rollster Brush
Pallo Multi-Function Caffeine Wrench