Pallo Multi-Function Caffeine Wrench

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Stainless steel multi-function barista tool for everyday general bar maintenance: basket popper, steam want tip wrenches, bottle opener, light duty screwdriver, milk residue scraper and much more!
As versatile as a drawer fill of tools and loaded with practical features: this handy device is ready to tackle many of routine tasks and adjustments around the bar and save space too.


  • BASKET POPPER: insert wrench tip under basket lip and twist like a key to ‘pop’ basket out;
  • STEAM WAND TIP WRENCHES: 8mm , 11mm, 12mm and 13mm stream wand wrenches;
  • BOTTLE OPENER: convenient bottle opener;
  • LIGHT DUTY SCREWDRIVER: light duty screwdriver to remove group shower screws;
  • MILK RESIDUE SCRAPER: scrape wand to remove milk residue build-up
  • SOFT GASKET PROBE: test and remove soft gaskets;
  • GROUP BOLT WRENCH: 8mm group bolt;
  • THERMOMETER CALIBRATOR: reset thermometers that are out of adjustment.
  • SCREW DRIVER: to remove group shower screws and to pop the filter holder basket

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