Puly Milk Cleaning Liquid (1 Liter)

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Puly Milk Cleaner is a food grade cleaner designed to remove milk residue from your frothing attachment. It quickly and efficiently breaks down fatty deposits, leaving your equipment hygienic and clean.

Size: 1 liter bottle with dosing cap

A high quality product from one of the industry leaders, this is the cleaner of choice for numerous caterers and professionals.

It's recommended that your steam tube is cleaned at least once a day with Puly Milk to remove milk and deposits on and inside the tubes. The build up of deposits may lead to permanent machine damage.

Regular use of Puly Milk frother cleaner reduces maintenance bills, improves the texture and quality of microfoam, and prolongs the life of your equipment


To clean automatic cappuccino makers DAILY: a) dilute 25 ml of PULY MILK Plus Liquid in half litre of cold water; b) get the solution absorbed by means of the suction tube by repeatedly pressing the button indicated in the machine instructions; c) rinse by getting at least 2 litres of clean water sucked in. It is absolutely impossible to get the cappuccino maker to suck in hot water so only use cold water. 

To clean the whole machine WEEKLY: prepare a solution of 25 ml of PULY MILK Plus Liquid for every half litre of very hot water, using plastic, stainless steel or glass (but not aluminium) containers; dismantle the cappuccino maker completely and leave the parts to soak for 2-3 hours (or overnight) and then rinse carefully once with clean water and repeat. The solution must be used to clean the steam wand, the milk-jug and all the tools dirty of milk and coffee residues. 

FREQUENCY OF USE: PULY MILK Plus Liquid is generally used every 50/100 cups of foamed milk and whenever you need to restore the machine to efficient working order. We anyway advise preventive measures at least once a day, to prevent the heated milk from drying and forming a hard crust that is difficult to remove quickly. 


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