EDO Bottomless Square Knock Box Chute

Sale priceQAR 638.00

In stainless steel and rubber, dimensions 150.5 x 137 X108,5mm

The bottomless knock box chute by EDO is perfect for bars which serve a large number of espresso during the day and need to dispose of a high volume of pucks of coffee.

One of the advantages of the absence of the bottom is that it is possible to use a collect-coffee of the most appropriate size to the specific needs of the bars, both in terms of volume of pucks to be disposed or of the available space under the counter.
It is made of solid stainless steel with the outline and the bar in rubber to cushion the blows and thus reduce both the noise and the vibrations on the bartender's wrist.
• material: stainless steel and rubber
• Dimensions 150.5 x 137


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