Acaia Orion Bean Doser and Scale

Sale priceQAR 6,700.00

A precision system that is used for accurate dosing of coffee beans. Featuring a clear LED display, Bluetooth 4.0 functionality and a lithium ion battery. Measurements in ounces or grams. Input 12Vdc, 2.0A.

Package contains Orion Bean Doser and hopper with capacity for 350-400g of beans. 

  • WEIGHT-BASED EFFICIENCY The speed of the dose depends on the weight. It’ll dose 225 g in 12 seconds or 20 g in 3 seconds with an error margin of 2-3 beans.
  • AUTOMATIC MODE Dose multiple containers with automatic taring and no required button pushing.
  • DIAL INTERFACE The controls and settings menu can all be accessed through the dial interface.
  • INTELLIGENT DOSING Based on previous target weights and actual outputs, the Orion will automatically adjust and decrease the margin of error.
  • MANUAL CONTROL For the times you want to do it yourself, the Orion allows you to quickly pause or dose those last few beans.
  • FIRMWARE SUPPORTED The Orion will receive periodic updates to its firmware, which you can execute through Acaia's firmware app.

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